Variant Omicron: “very concrete actions must be taken”

Omicron variant: & ldquo; very concrete actions must be taken es & raquo;

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With the increase in COVID-19 cases recorded in recent days and the appearance of the new worrying variant Omicron, Quebec should redouble its efforts to counter this new impetus of the pandemic.

According to the professor at the University of Montreal and pharmacist Diane Lamarre, the health authorities seem to focus too “on the outside” while the new variant could already be in the process of being spread in Quebec. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

“We know that there are people who, from November 11, here in Quebec, were already carriers. We have hatching zones inside Quebec. We saw the Eastern Townships last week … Can we make sure we do screening and sequencing? ”Asks the expert on LCN airwaves. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“It's time to deploy our screening and random sequencing measures immediately in every territory and region of Quebec,” she warns. & nbsp;

The sequencing and screening of COVID variants ceased on October 17, the INSPQ website said. During the press briefing on Monday, Dr Horacio Arruda announced that these tests will resume randomly. & Nbsp;

According to Ms Lamarre, it would even be wise to check the PCR tests already carried out a week ago to see if the Omicron variant was already present in the samples. & nbsp;

While it seems clear that the Omicron variant is more easily transmitted, it is not yet clear whether it is able to bypass the protection offered by vaccines, or if it is more dangerous.

3 th dose

In addition, Quebec should have announced today a 3rd dose for healthcare workers, some of which have already been vaccinated for more than 7 months, Judge Diane Lamarre. & nbsp;

“I was hoping that today we were told that the vaccination would be opened to health workers. We are three and a half weeks before Christmas. It takes time to vaccinate 300,000 caregivers. We have the vaccine doses. There are very concrete actions that must be taken immediately. ”& Nbsp;

In addition, the third dose of vaccine should also be distributed more insistently to CHSLD users, considers Ms. Lamarre. . & nbsp;

In CHSLDs, accommodation centers particularly vulnerable to COVID, as was demonstrated during the first wave, only 25,000 beneficiaries out of 40,000 received the famous “booster”. & Nbsp;

” We must accelerate the pace very very quickly, we must take action immediately. “

Reproduction rate on the rise

In South Africa, the rate reproduction of the Omicron variant is 2. “It means that each infected person infects two others,” explains Ms. Lamarre. “It's multiplying quickly.”

Currently in Quebec, the reproduction rate of 1.06 established last week has increased to 1.22 this week. & Nbsp;

“That's a lot, the closer we get to 2, the more we see that the virus takes precedence over our health measures. So, if we do nothing more, the virus infects many more people, “warns the pharmacist. & Nbsp;

Sanitary measures such as wearing a mask, gatherings limited to 10 people per day. interior, physical distancing, in particular, must remain in place, even in the vaccinated. Diane Lamarre also suggests reinstating the wearing of masks in high school to ensure that young people and the entire population are protected. & Nbsp;

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