Vasilyev from “the Matchmakers” – 73: how “buried” beloved grandfather Zelensky and “Kvartal 95”

Васильеву из "Сватов" - 73: как "похоронили" любимого дедушку Зеленского и "Квартала 95"

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Today, November 6, celebrates the day actor Anatoly Vasiliev. He played Yuri Kovalev in the series “Matchmakers”.

He turns 73 years. Why Anatoly Vasiliev left the series Vladimir Zelensky?!

Anatoly Vasiliev was born November 6, 1946 in Nizhny Tagil. He starred in over 50 films.

Long before appeared in the series “Matchmakers” Yury Anatolyevich, actor Anatoly Vasiliev began his career. His debut 40 years ago in the film “the Steppe” by Sergei Bondarchuk. Thanks to a good start, he drew the attention of many filmmakers, who began to invite him into his paintings.

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Васильеву из "Сватов" - 73: как "похоронили" любимого дедушку Зеленского и "Квартала 95"


In “Matchmakers” Anatoly Vasiliev had the role of grandfather of Yury Anatolevicha. Rumor has it that because of the conflict in the crew, the authors had to lose a character. Therefore, the creators of the series unexpectedly rewrote the story, with the result that the grandfather died of a heart attack.

Васильеву из "Сватов" - 73: как "похоронили" любимого дедушку Зеленского и "Квартала 95"


According to rumors, problems in relations with Anatoly Vasiliev has appeared with actor Fyodor Dobronravov. Anatoly Vasilyev admitted later why decided to leave “the Matchmakers”.

Васильеву из "Сватов" - 73: как "похоронили" любимого дедушку Зеленского и "Квартала 95"

the series Matchmakers

According to him, after the change of Director (the first seasons were shot by Yuri Morozov, and after it was replaced by Director Andrey Yakovlev) the series has lost all meaning and interest.

The actors ceased to feel creative freedom, which is very important in their profession.

“I left because we had no rights as people loved the characters, really improve our film and make a movie of the series,” explained Anatoly Vasiliev’s edition of “TV”.

The actor said that Yuri Morozov allowed all the actors of the series “Matchmakers” pump” their characters, so they became more lively and a favorite for spectators. However, after the arrival of Yakovlev everything has changed – the actors had to play strictly according to the script. In order not to lose their identity, Anatoly Vasiliev decided to leave “the Matchmakers”.

We will remind, the Director of “public Servants” Kiryushchenko told about grandiose plans: what are you doing “dad” key series about Zelensky.

As reported Znayu how varied the beloved granddaughter of the series “Matchmakers”.

Also Znayu wrote that the film “public Servants” Alexey kiryushchenko declassified, whether the continuation of the series.

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