VAT holds No grudge

TVA retient Sans rancune

The uncertainty remaining in relation to the filming of the science fiction series, VAT continues to be full of variety.

After having announced the arrival of family Jewels (with Charles Lafortune) and The Recording Studio (with Marc Dupré) for the fall, the chain revealed that it had ordered a season Without a grudge for the winter. Created and produced by Attraction Images in collaboration with Quebecor Content, this new appointment will address – with humor – to the ” stereotypes that make up québec society “.

Self-deprecating humor

Each week, a group of people (hairdressers, milléniaux, fans of the Canadian, new parents, dog owners) – ideally with a good sense of self-deprecating humor – will stride down the plateau and will see their imperfections dissected through the preconceptions that people have of them. Through a press release, Denis Dubois, vice-president, original Content, in Quebecor Content, speaks of an issue funny and rousing.

The identity of the host of Without grudge has not yet been unveiled. Nor that of the two accomplices who support.

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