Vegedream sets the scene for young dancers in the music video “Bad Boy”

Clip “Bad Boy” : Vegedream recounts his years of bad boy

This summer, Vegedream we had a blast with her new album “Ategban”, worn by the pieces It is good his mother in feat with Ninho, Ibiza, Calimero with Dadju, Person feat with Damso and Instagram. The singer today unveils the video clip of the Bad Boy in which he sets the scene for young dancers in school.

Bring the cup home, go Blue, go“… If you still have these words in mind, it is time to turn the page, it would be also fun to Vegedream. “Every time that one speaks to me, we talk about that damn cup has finally returned to the house. (…) It is the game. It makes me happy but when you sing something else also it is well“, he confided in an interview with PRBK. The artist, himself, is moved on to something else with his new album “Ategban”, released July 12, 2019.

“I’m a bad boy”

In his opus, you can find the titles Ibiza, Person feat with Damso, Calimero with Dadju, It is good his mother with Ninho, Instagram , and Bad Boy, the latest single. Vegedream has just unveiled the clip in which he takes us to a school where young dancers are chained to the chores more stylish one than the other.

The choice of staging is pretty amazing, as the interpreter of My Go Sour recounts in his piece the story of a “bad boy” : “I am a liar / I’m chuchoterai what you want to hear to sleep with you / And to know that in your area / there are more guys honest, all guys are like me / If I’m behind your back it is to look at your butt / Because I’m a bad boy.

In any case, Bad Boy is a sound that is quite personal because, in an interview Here in August 2019, Vegedream confessed to being passed through a period of bad boy in the past : “Me, I’m a super quiet, it just needs to not get cum in my mouth. Well, I’ve had my phases bad boy, but today I’m with a girl who brought me the stability that I was missing.

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