Venezuela: 10 million against the virus after an agreement government-opposition

Venezuela: 10 millions de dollars contre le virus après un accord gouvernement-opposition

The pan american health Organization (PAHO), the regional branch of the WHO, will be able to dedicate 10 million dollars to the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus in Venezuela following an agreement between the government and the opposition, have they announced Thursday.

It is a “humanitarian agreement” reached in June between the government of president Nicolas Maduro and the opposition led by Juan Guaido, under the aegis of Norway, has declared the vice-president, Delcy Rodriguez, after a meeting with the director of PAHO, Gerardo De Cossio.

The member of the opposition Manuela Bolivar has specified that these funds would be primarily directed to the States ” where outbreaks of infection Covid-19 as Zulia, Clears, Bolivar, Tachira, and the federal District (Caracas) “.

The release of funds was made possible “with the approval of the Department of the Treasury of the United States government has authorized the transfer of funds on the account of the OPS,” she also said.

Washington does not recognize the re-election of Mr Maduro in may 2018, deeming it ” fraudulent “, and considers Mr. Guaido, leader of the opposition and chairman of the unicameral Parliament, as acting president of Venezuela, the image of a fifty other countries.

The us government has surrendered control over the accounts of Venezuela in the United States and some companies such as Citgo, the u.s. subsidiary of the venezuelan society of public PDVSA.

Venezuela has 30 million inhabitants, has recorded 158 deaths from the coronavirus and is approaching the 18,000 contamination, figures called into question by organizations such as Human Rights Watch, which considers it to be a little credible.

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