Venezuela: an old saber of Hugo Chavez honored as a relic

Venezuela: Former Hugo Chavez saber honored as a relic


“Long live Hugo Chavez!”, shout during a parade in honor of the former Venezuelan president (1999-2013), soldiers carrying his “cadet” saber to the mausoleum where his remains lie. 

Standing on top of a convertible red military jeep, similar to the one Chavez used, two cadets stoically hold a saber and a dagger that state television said was given to the former president while he was in prison. Military Academy.

This ceremony closed ten days of tributes, celebrations and conferences around the 10th anniversary of the death of Chavez, who died of cancer on March 5, 2013 while he was in power.< /p>

Waving dozens of Venezuelan flags, the soldiers marched nearly ten kilometers through the streets of Caracas to the famous “Barracks of the Mountain” or “Barracks of February 4”. It had served as a base for Chavez during his coup attempt on February 4, 1992. This putsch, although failed, had made him famous.

The dagger and the saber were then deposited respectfully in front of the sarcophagus located in the central courtyard of the barracks where President Nicolas Maduro and many senior officials awaited.

Mr. Maduro placed a red rose on the sarcophagus as singers sang songs in honor of “Comandante Chavez”.

Several well-wishers carried banners like “Chavez is joy”, or “I am the of Chavez”.

The barracks are located in the popular neighborhood of January 23, the main Chavista bastion of Caracas, controlled by collectives of militants who maintain the “cult” of Chavez.

< p>M. Maduro, who will seek re-election in 2024, used the ceremony to call for unity among activists. “Let's think about the role that everyone must play from the humility of their being, overcoming egos, individualism, divisions”.