Venezuela experienced a massive fall of meteorites

Венесуэла пережила массовое падение метеоритов

The number of meteorites and the exact crash site is still being investigated.

10 Feb media of South America have begun to write about a falling meteor that was observed by the citizens of Venezuela. At the moment there is no data, where landed cosmic body. “Attack” has happened several times, according to the staff witnesses: meteorites watched in the dark and in light, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Now experts investigate the crash site of bodies. So, some weather radar is likely to have determined one point. It is shown below the map. Unfortunately, scientists yet have not commented on the situation, so no reliable information there.

Some persons believe that the earth fell the cloud of debris that accompanied the asteroid (89959) 2002 NT7. The convergence of this body with the Ground took place on 1 February. On this day, some objects fell to Cuba.

According to another version, the fragments came together with the 2019 asteroid CB2. And the third theory about UFOs, missiles, air defense, etc. to People remains nothing how to wait for comments of experts.

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