Venezuela: Maduro to change his military leaders, keeps his Defence minister

Venezuela: Maduro change ses chefs militaires, garde son ministre de la Défense

The venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has renewed Tuesday, the high command of the army, navy and air force, while confirming him in his post of minister of Defence general Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

“I decided, as always, a partial confirmation and a partial renewal of the extraordinary team of military leaders who run the military high command in Venezuela”, said Maduro, during a meeting of the promotions of military in Caracas, broadcast on State television.

The military hierarchy is considered as one of the pillars of the presidency, that maintains the power with the support of countries like Russia and China to deal with the attack of the opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized by over fifty countries including the United States as the acting president of Venezuela.

If the chief general Padrino Lopez, age 57, has been confirmed to the post of minister of Defence he has held since 2014, this is not the case of the heads of the three branches of the military.

Mr. Maduro has appointed major general Domingo Hernandez Larez as the new commander of the army, succeeding major-general Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, cousin number two of the chavism Diosdado Cabello.

The leader of socialist he was also named the admiral William Serantes Pinto as commander of the navy –after admiral Giuseppe Alessandrello– and it has replaced at the head of the air force major general Pedro Juliac Lartiguez by major-general José Rafael Silva.

On the other hand, the admiral Remigio Ceballos is the head of the strategic command for operations of the navy and major general Fabio Zavarse Pabon continues as commander of the national Guard.

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