Venezuela: the elections will take place on 6 December

Venezuela: les élections législatives auront lieu le 6 décembre

The elections for the new unicameral parliament of Venezuela, the only institution of the country currently controlled by the opposition, will take place on 6 December, announced on Wednesday that the national electoral Council (CNE).

“The whole country is called the December 6, 2020 for the electoral process for electing the national Assembly,” said the president of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo, in a statement aired by the State television. Ms. Alfonzo was announced on Tuesday that the legislative elections would take place in December, but without specifying the date.

The new parliament will be elected for a term of five years from 2021 to 2026, said the president of the CNE.

The main formations of the venezuelan opposition have already announced that they boycotteraient these laws, as they may deem in advance to be fraudulent to the extent that Indira Alfonzo has been named chair of the NCA by the supreme Tribunal of justice (TSJ), be considered as vested in the power of the socialist president of venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

In designating the president of the CNE, the TSJ is assigned a prerogative of the national Assembly, to which he returns, according to the law to proceed to such an appointment.

The national Assembly is presided over by Juan Guaido, which considers as illegitimate the presence of the power of Nicolas Maduro, and was proclaimed in January 2019 interim president of Venezuela.

It is now recognized as such by fifty countries including the United States, who call openly for the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro and apply various economic sanctions against Caracas.

Considered as illegitimate by Washington, by the european Union and by several countries in Latin America, Nicolas Maduro, is supported by Russia, China, Iran and Cuba.

Boycott of the opposition

The president of the CNE said that 89 organizations were likely to participate in legislative elections and could file their nominations between 10 and 19 August.

It is for the majority of organizations small large.

With the boycott announced parliamentary elections by the main opposition formations, the chavism has the free way to regain control of the national Assembly. He had lost in December 2015, after 15 years of domination chaviste, where the opposition had won 112 of 167 seats in the national Assembly.

The opposition has accused the government of wanting to call elections without the “minimum conditions of transparency” are met.

In announcing Tuesday that the legislative elections would take place in December, Indira Alfonzo has stated that new arrangements had been introduced. It stated, inter alia, that the number of seats in the national Assembly was increased from 167 to 277, in order to take account of the increase of the population of Venezuela, which is currently about 30 million people.

The election campaign will take place from 21 November to 5 December, according to a document cited Wednesday by Mrs. Alonzo.

The NCA, she added, in reference to the current epidemic of Covid-19, is preparing for these elections, “the appropriate rules for the creation of conditions of biosecurity”.

According to the last official assessment, the Venezuela account 5 832 confirmed cases of contamination and 51 deaths related to the Covid-19. The opposition and organizations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed doubts about the reliability of balance sheets in the official venezuelan epidemic Covid-19.

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