Venezuela: the opposition to withdraw from the next legislative

Venezuela: l’opposition se retire des prochaines législatives

The venezuelan opposition, a majority in Parliament, announced Sunday, to withdraw from the parliamentary elections planned by the end of the year, an electoral process which she characterized as a ” farce “.

“The democratic parties venezuelans do not qualify or do not recognise any electoral farce staged by the dictatorship (the president chaviste Nicolas Maduro, editor’s note) in its own interest,” say in a press release of the representatives of eleven political parties, including the four main opposition parties.

These courses fustigent “the claim dictatorial” these elections intended to renew the national Assembly, a process that will be used in their ” to worsen the current political crisis “.

The supreme Tribunal of justice (TSJ) has appointed Friday to new members at the head of the national electoral Council (CNE), in charge of overseeing the election for which no date has yet been fixed but which, by virtue of the act, must be held this year.

Accused by the opposition of being biased for the benefit of the power chaviste, the TSJ including the appointment of a magistrate sanctioned by Canada at the head of the NCA.

By doing this, it has arrogated to itself a prerogative of the national Assembly, the unicameral parliament of Venezuela, the only institution controlled by the opposition.

“Now is the time! “, had welcomed on Saturday, Nicolas Maduro following the appointment of these new electoral authorities.

“We have to fight, in the us, with more strength than ever,” was tweeted from its side the opposition leader Juan Guaido, recognized as acting president of Venezuela by around fifty countries including the United States.

The opposition had won the parliamentary elections in December 2015, winning 112 of 167 seats in Parliament, to which Mr Maduro is a “usurper” who is maintained in power for a second term in a presidential election “fraudulent” in 2018.

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