Vera Brezhnev starred in underwear without makeup

Вера Брежнева снялась в нижнем белье и без макияжа

Vera Brezhnev loves to experiment with new images, often choosing bright makeup with red lipstick or, for example, trying on extravagant things from new designer collections

In addition, the singer periodically changes hairstyle: samples is of a different length, curls and straightens hair.

However, sometimes the singer departs the images that she chooses for scenes, photo shoots or social events and demonstrates admirer himself “real”. So in the days of Brezhnev published in Instagram photo, which she filmed in bra, and showed how it looks without makeup.

“Great value and complexity in this stream to be a” — signed photo Faith, noting that the picture was taken two years ago.

Вера Брежнева снялась в нижнем белье и без макияжа

Subscribers singer came here frame in delight and asked to share the secret of “eternal youth”. “I got to be 18 at the picture, It’s old pictures? I do not understand”, “Sorry, you are exactly the mother of two adult daughters? You a maximum of 25 years”, “Wonders of modern cosmetology. And why not. If everything looks natural, then I’m in!”, “You look 20 years”, “the Natural beauty will always be above all”, “tenderly”, “you Can enjoy forever,” wrote in the comments.

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