Verka Serduchka was disappointed because of the Eurovision song contest: we need all obos…

Верка Сердючка разочаровалась из-за Евровидения: надо все обос…ть

Popular Ukrainian actor Andriy Danilko, who performs in the role of Verka Serduchka, stated his disappointment regarding the fact that the Ukrainians blew a huge problem from participation in the Eurovision song contest. He told this in an interview.

Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka will perform on Saturday, may 18, in the final of the Eurovision song contest in tel Aviv. He admitted that he is very unhappy, what was the situation this year with Ukraine. The artist is disappointed by the fact that decent musicians KAZKA and MARUV will not participate in the Eurovision song contest.

Верка Сердючка разочаровалась из-за Евровидения: надо все обос…ть

“Our really very difficult to participate. Our people are so constituted that they need all obos…in other words you will not find” – said Danilko.

Danilko considers the absolute stupidity of the fact that this year no one went to Eurovision from Ukraine.

“This year, nobody is coming because of some stupidity. Unfortunately,” – said the showman.

However, the musician said that Ukrainians tend to pour negativity on all participants of the national selection.

Верка Сердючка разочаровалась из-за Евровидения: надо все обос…ть

“I remember all of our participants, and they all rode with problems. All! They burn, writing on Facebook: “who’s not able to sing…” – says Andrey.

The showman explained that if he had the final word, then I listened to the people, and sent for the contest, who were chosen by the people.

“We had a decent – and KAZKA, and MARUV, they absolutely fit into this competition,” – says the artist.

Recall, Lazarus and Kirkorov were forbidden to speak with Madonna.

As reported Know. ua, white Verka Serduchka lit at the opening of Eurovision-2019.

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