Vermont beers to discover

Vermont beers to discover


On the way to vacation, what a pleasure to stop at microbreweries, and why not those in Vermont, where the production of craft beer is just as effervescent as here. Rarely available in Quebec, these beers can be tasted in Montreal during special events such as the Mondial de la bière. Otherwise, you have to go there! 

Wicked Easy

Brewed by the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston, Wicked Easy is a smooth and light beer. Lager type, it is barely veiled due to partial filtration, and lightly hoppy with subtle aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. Distributed in cans in Quebec grocery stores. 

4.7% alcohol.

Hearth of Lothian

This Scottish brown ale is worth a visit at the Drop-In Brewing Co. in Middlebury. Made from English and Scotch malts, with yeasts and English hops, it has notes of caramel and chocolate, balanced by a dry and slightly earthy finish. Tasting lounge on site.

▶ 5.6% alcohol.

Meal Ticket

A Milk Stout Ale type, the Meal Ticket is lightly creamy and delivers rich aromas of roasted coffee and cocoa. It is comforting, while being light and refreshing thanks to its rather light alcohol content for its style. Brewed by Lucy and Howe Brewing Co., located in Jericho, it is available for pickup on site. 

▶ 5.4% alcohol.

Pope's Creek

Complex and rich in flavor, Pope's Creek Sour Cherry Beer , smoked with cherry wood, is brewed by the Stone Corral brewery in Richmond. This Cherry Stout unfolds aromas of toasted malt, sour cherries and plum pie baked in a wood-fired oven. Meals and pickup on site. 

▶ 8.6% alcohol.

Scrag Mountain Pil

A refreshing cereal-flavored pilsner, Scrag Mountain Pils is brewed by Lawson's Finest Liquids, a brewery located in Waitsfield. This lager inspired by the traditional Czech Pilsner style is a tribute to the Waitsfield spring from the Scrag mountain. The brewery offers drive-thru.

▶ 4.8% alcohol.