Veronica Mars : no season 5 for the series ? Hulu would not be very hot

Veronica Mars : pas de saison 5 pour la série ? Hulu ne serait pas très chaude

Veronica Mars : no season 5 for the series ?

Veronica Mars, she bid farewell to the fans with the final controversy of his season 4 ? It is possible. According to recent revelations, Hulu would not be very warm to the idea of renewing the series for a season 5. Attention (big) spoilers.

A death assumed…

The return of Veronica Mars this summer was one of the most anticipated events in the world series, the conclusion of season 4 has been one of the most traumatic. And for good reason, Rob Thomas – the creator has just used the last episode to kill Logan, the companion of the detective private and one of the favorite characters of fans.

Microphone to TVLine, the father of Veronica Mars, justified this choice by the impossibility for him to continue his series with such a history of love in the background : “there is not really series centered on a detective badass and his buddy to the house. (…) There is a reason why the series ends when the couples get together. (…) The series was not going to be Veronica and Logan in the process of solving mysteries, what would be the role of Logan in the series ?

… a season 5 threatened

No luck for him, the enormous anger of the fans and their frustration with this situation (it should be remembered that Veronica and Logan have spent years to turn around before finding late) have visibly cooled Hulu, the platform which has recently saved the series. TVLine suggests : “A source at the site told us that it is not currently planned to order a new season.”

A rumor confirmed by Rob Thomas, which, according to the american website, said that there had “not yet had discussion with Hulu to bring back Veronica for a 5th season”, even if the creator “would not preclude review of the series later“. When ? Where ? Great mystery.

Suffice to say that at the present time, if no season 5 will see the light of day, this sense of mess facing the last episode in date will be even more intense. After all, if we are to believe the words of Rob Thomas, he knew that season 4 would be the last, so it would not have killed Logan. Go hop, it is off to a little bit of sadness.

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