Very hot under the mask!

Très chaud sous le masque!

THREE-RIVERS – Heat, humidity, visor and mask do not make good bedfellows. It is very hot under the covers-face.

In the childcare and early childhood education must include both a visor and a mask.

“It is very uncomfortable. It was from the sweat and you should not touch your face with hands”, launched from the outset, Nathalie Lahaie, manager of a childcare service in a family environment.

Among those who find it difficult to work with the mask and the heat wave, there are all the catering staff. “When we breathe, when we walk quickly, when there are a lot of people, the mask we get in the mouth, people do not understand us”, was listed Wednesday in VAT, a New waitress cross in full rush hour on a terrace.

The gardeners no longer do not easy. At Gauthier fleurs et jardins, the director-general, Lise Gauthier, gives the choice to the staff between the mask or the visor.

“It is certain that it is warmer. But as soon as we do not work with someone or near someone, you can remove it”, she summarized.

In the period of heat or intense heat, the standards Commission, equity, health and safety at work (CNESST) recommends that at all, mask or not, more frequent breaks and hydrate for 20 minutes.

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