“Very mistaken”: Topalov was surprised by the recognition of a wedding in Italy

Husband of Regina Todorenko touched subscribers

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"Сильно ошибся": Топалов удивил признанием о свадьбе в Италии

Vlad Topalov

After the lavish wedding of Ukrainian singer Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov in the network publish new photos and touching stories related to the celebration. This time the newly-made husband, who dedicated star wife song, made a touching and unexpected recognition wedding ceremony in Italy.

Why Vlad Topalov tired of his son, see the short video:

Many men are not particularly worried about the wedding and often agree to the celebration, because women often are proponents of holiday parties. But Vlad Topalov managed to surprise subscribers with its recognition, it turns out, he did not even know that you could experience these emotions. The Russian singer had previously been sure that this holiday is exclusively for women.

“Today all my thoughts again in Italy. How do you want ago. I’d never thought I’d say this, but I’m very bored. Thought it was a holiday for women…. It turned out I was very wrong! It was incredible! Our Villa Astoria just won’t let me. How do you want there now. The three of us. Hold hands and walk in the garden. And then in a cool house to cook dinner and play with the small,” wrote the husband of Regina.

Recall that this Vlad Topalov told a touching story about her battle with Todorenko.

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