Vianney et Maître Gims (“Same”): the video clip is it a plagiarism?

Vianney et Maître Gims ("La Même"): leur clip est-il un plagiat?

Is this a scandal of plagiarism that can splash onto the two stars of the French song, Maître Gims and Vianney? A belgian artist is accusing the artists to appear in a clip that has the frame and the mounting would be a copy of one of his works.

The song in question is the duet between the two performers on the song The Same. “The object of the offense”, the clip (see here), has been directed by Benoît Pétré.

However, the director and belgian photographer Charlotte Abramow was published on his Twitter account some screenshots showing the similarities quite disturbing with one of his works, that of a clip (see here) for the song of Georges Brassens, The Bandwidth, broadcast in tribute to the day of women’s rights on 8 march.

And the arguments of the belgian artist are disturbing. Of people shown from the front, the eyes fixed on the camera, and meant to be those typical of everyday life, all on a background of pastel and geometric. If this is not a plagiarism, it is at least a close enough style thrust. Only noticeable difference (besides the song!), The Same shows people of both sexes, where The Traffic and, not surprisingly, shows that of the women.

Maître Gims reacted on his Twitter account in taclant the belgian artist, showing images of the clip seems to be closer to the clip of the song Silent all this year of Tori Amos in 1991. All accompanied by the comment “that is what we would not do for a bit of light…”

Vianney, to him, made no comment.

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