Vic from “DeAngelo” revealed the details of his personal life

The soloist of the popular Duo admitted that he is in a relationship for a year

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Вика из "НеАнгелов" раскрыла подробности личной жизни

Vic from “DeAngelo”

Participant of the duet “Neangely” Victoria Smouha, like many famous people hide their personal lives from prying eyes. After Vic and I broke up with her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her just before the wedding, she began a new relationship. The singer says that he is happy, and show your chosen one does not intend.

But some of the details of the soloist “DeAngelo” declassified. In an interview for “the high life”, Victoria admitted that he and a guy have been Dating for a year. Her colleague Thank Kaminska added that the man Vicki is very attractive. “She’s all good with the groom. But she never shows to anybody. But I saw it. You see them every day – they are from morning to evening on a phone. Beautiful guy,” said Kaminska.

Victoria itself is added that doesn’t want to say anything and to comment on their relationship. “Because happiness loves silence,” succinctly and mysteriously said Smouha.

Earlier, Victoria from “DeAngelo” has intrigued fans with a photo with a stranger. In his Instagram the singer posted the romantic frame in which it holds the hand of a man, and her middle finger shining precious ring.

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