Victims of grossophobia after climbing the steps in Cannes

Victims of grossophobia after climbing the steps in Cannes< /p> UPDATE DAY

Several young women who have climbed the steps of the Palais des Festivals as part of the Cannes Film Festival have been victims of grossophobic remarks on social networks in the last few days. 

The French influencer, Léna Situations, was notably insulted about the size of her thighs.

The 25-year-old wore a Vivienne Westwood outfit for the climb of the steps of The Idol, but she received a torrent of insulting messages from trolls.

“With her legs, she shouldn't be wearing those kinds of outfits,” one user shared. “Too many burgers,” wrote another. “Too big thighs too bad”, adds another, before adding “No it's true it looks like a turkey from Pierre Dodu wrapped in its net”.

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If all these comments, and many others quoted by Léna Situations in her Instagram Story, particularly touched her, it is because, for once, the star “felt good”.

“I've always been more or less comfortable with my body…until the last few months. I gained weight I am aware of it, my morphology has changed I am aware of it, but the internet realized it before me and would like to share it. Two years ago I made the choice to no longer use a filter in order to mount an honest and unmodified image, something real. I try to make my platforms a place where I feel confident enough to share with 4 million people my facets with which I am not 100% at peace. I try to speak only to a community which is also in this desire to send positive and live the moments of life fully”, explains Léna Mahfouf, of her real name.

She then denounced the diktats and remarks on social networks. 

“Since young people, we have been projected so much an ideal body, an ideal style that as soon as I no longer fit into my 36 I receive 'you eat well in the canteen' or 'congratulations on the baby'”, she said. added.

A young actress also caught the wrath of some Internet users at the end of the week, Anna Biolay, 20.

< p>The latter was present at Cannes to present the film Rosalie, in particular in the company of her father, the French singer Benjamin Biolay.

The young woman was targeted by derogatory comments on his physique, but also on his status as “nepo baby» whereas she is the daughter of Biolay and Chiara Mastroianni, herself the daughter of the actress Catherine Deneuve and the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni.

Anna Biolay's aunt, Coralie, has defended her on social networks, saying that the young actress had passed all the castings like anyone.

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“For 24 long hours, my 20-year-old niece has been reading absolute horrors about her. In addition to being the daughter of and moreover having no talent and not having to work [obviously!] she reads that she looks like a dog, even a severely handicapped person… in other words terms that she is fat and ugly and that she has nothing to do in the French cinematographic landscape”, she