Victor Robles, a “clown”?

Victor Robles, a «clown»?


Celebrations and demonstrations of all kinds are becoming more and more important in major league baseball. The sport remains conservative, however, and Madison Bumgarner did not appreciate Víctor Robles' attitude at all.

A home run by Robles in the top of the eighth inning on Saturday allowed the Washington Nationals cut the lead to 7 to 2 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Robles took the time to follow the ball with his eyes before hitting the trails.

The Arizona team still prevailed 7 to 2. Bumgarner signed the victory, but however, he had very harsh words for Robles, who hit his third long ball of the campaign.

“He's a clown. Damn it. No shame. No shame, Bumgarner repeated in comments reported by 98.7 FM Arizona Sports radio station Saturday night. It's 7 to 1, you hit your third home run of the year, and you act like Barry Bonds breaking the record.”

Grumpy old man

Bumgarner did not hesitate to criticize his opponent, but he nevertheless made an observation: he is well aware that things are changing and of the image he gives by making this kind of criticism.

“I don’t care to give that point away. We won 7-2. It's frustrating. I'm the grumpy old man, I know, but that kind of thing didn't happen before. Now it's ridiculous.”

Robles' reply was quick and the Dominican didn't really try to calm things down.

“When he throws well , he is able to celebrate and do what he loves to do. It looks like he calls anyone who hits a home run against him clowns,” Robles argued, according to MASN.

“If he doesn't want someone to hit a home run against him…keep him out on strikes.”

Robles didn't stop there, however. During Sunday's game, he was seen with a clown nose on the bench to make fun of Bumgarner.

He also had the last laugh on the baseball side, as the Nationals l won 4-3 against the Diamondbacks on Sunday. Robles had a hit in the victory for his team, while Bumgarner was out of uniform.