Victoria Beckham – 45: TOP 6 stylish British designer

Victoria Beckham is one of the most stylish stars of our time

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Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Branska style icon – Victoria Beckham

APR 17, wife of famous footballer David Beckham, singer and designer Victoria Beckham turns 45 years old. In honor of the feast of the stars Today.Lifestyle made a selection of her best looks over the past year, and also collected interesting facts from the life of Victoria.

Ex-member of popular band Spice Girls, a mother of four children and designer – the main achievements of Victoria for 45 years of my life. And yet 19 years of marriage to a famous football player! All of this speaks to the diligence of British stars, for the upbringing of children and building relationships – that still work.

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Also another child is own clothing brand Victoria Beckham, which in September celebrated its 10th anniversary. Designer line of clothes and accessories popular among other celebrities (Lady Gaga, Meghan Markle, Beyonce and others), and the Victoria we often see at social events in dresses of her own production.

In 2010, the brand Victoria received a nomination for the prestigious British prize Brand of the Year-2010 (brand of the year). But after 7 years the main assessment of her talent was the recognition of most of the British Queen Elizabeth II, who was awarded the Victoria honorary award and title of officer of the British Empire.

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The birthday girl admitted that are just addicted to shopping. But she does not follow trends but creates them and very successfully. We have collected the TOP 6 most stylish way to Victoria over the last year.

Dark blue dress and hat with veil

19 may last year, Victoria along with husband David Beckham were guests of honor at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. For the Royal marriage Victoria chose a dress from his own collection 2019. The outfit was similar to the one in which she was in 2011 at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Dark blue dress with unusual sleeves she added red stilettos and a hat with a veil.

Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Victoria along with husband David Beckham at the Royal wedding

Black tuxedo blouse-frill

For a formal event, the stylish beauty has appeared in a black tuxedo from my own collection. About her love for Trouser suit has long been known and every night out similar to the previous one. Usually, Victoria prefers jackets and oversize pants. But this time a black tuxedo fit a slim figure, Beckham, and silk belt with stripes gave a festive chic.

Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Victoria Beckham

Milk costume in a large pea

And again Vicki made the choice of attire in favor of her brand Victoria Beckham, dressed in pants and shirts the color of milk. Suit looked at the slender Beckham’s original, so the effect was due to a combination of classic style and unusual things print satin fabric large polka dots. Bright completion outfit steel crimson pumps.

Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Victoria Beckham in an ensemble of shirt and trousers from the brand

Crimson pumps and white blouse

At a gala dinner at London’s portrait gallery, the British designer chose a white voluminous blouse with black pants that made her legs look even longer. Secular outfit Beckham added a bright crimson pumps with high heels and a black clutch bag with wooden inserts.

Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Victoria and David Beckham at London portrait gallery

A slinky black dress with sweetheart neckline

At the ceremony of the draw of the UEFA Champions League in Monaco Vicky posed in a long black dress with deep neckline that is very well emphasized her figure, and it heeled sandals in tone. The star’s hair was loose and curled. Her husband decided not to stand out and also chose a black suit.

Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Victoria and David Beckham

Dress with leopard print complete with blue set

In addition to the secular and the formal outputs of the photographers manages to capture the Wiki in daily images on the streets of London. One of these days Beckham near the entrance to your boutique, was spotted in a dress with leopard print from the autumn-winter collection of the brand, adding a fluorescent image of a blue bag and shoes in her tone.

Виктории Бекхэм - 45: ТОП-6 стильных образов британского дизайнера

Victoria Beckham in leopard total look of their brand

We will remind, earlier in the family Beckham was involved in a bad incident. Victoria’s husband David said in an interview with one of the gloss that it is not easy to live. Then the Wiki was broken, and spent two days in tears, and then went to the clinic in the German Spa town of Baden-Baden.

By the way, the family Beckham has a new designer. Details in our story:

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