Victoria Beckham surprised fans

Виктория Бекхэм удивила фанатов

Today few people remember that the wife of British footballer started his career, as a member of the legendary pop group Spice Girls. However, in 2004 the singer took part to complete the touring. Therefore, the famous brunette had to find a new hobby.

So the beloved professional athlete founded his own brand of women’s clothing. By the way, now business Victoria Beckham brings the former “spice,” a stable income. For example, last year the husband of the brunette gave her a few million pounds, saving the company from bankruptcy.

But the mother of many children is not going to stop there, so took part in the original photo shoot, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of her brand. Writes former pop singer boasted a stunning shape, wearing a fitted body shirt also sudovogo hue and classic pumps black high heels. Additionally, the star of the stage, posed, perched in a huge paper bag, passing the image of the mannequin. It is worth noting that Victoria has prepared many surprises for their fans. The brunette announced the release of a collection of unique t-shirts that will adorn fresh images of the founder of the brand.

Not only the mother of many children engaged in the production and sale of clothing. For example, the head of the family Beckham also has his own company, specializing in men’s collections. Besides the professional athlete is the coach of the American football team and engaged in the production of alcoholic beverages. Not so long ago, eldest Scion of famous parents, said he wants to try yourself in the fashion industry, and now prepares for the presentation of the debut line of garments for teenagers. While Brooklyn is trying to become a photographer, but after the first year and the only failure of the exhibition were quick to change my occupation.

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