[VIDEO] A Red Sox player receives a throw in the face

[VIDÉO] Red Sox player gets shot in the face


Boston Red Sox third baseman Justin Turner left Monday's exhibition game against the Detroit Tigers with a bleeding face after a shot hit him with full force during an at bat. 

In the first inning of the matchup at the Sox training ground in Fort Myers, the hitter received a fastball from starter Matt Manning and immediately collapsed on the field. Healers were quick to help, seeing that Turner was bleeding, visibly inside his mouth.

Once the 38-year-old veteran was back on his own two feet after he needed a few towels to reduce the blood flow, he left the field to go to the locker room of his family.

Later that afternoon, the Sox organization clarified that the former Los Angeles Dodgers was hospitalized with a concussion and injuries. soft tissue injuries; his condition is considered stable, but “he is alert and in good spirits”. More tests will be done later.

Easy victory

After recovering from the emotions caused by Turner's injury, his teammates outscored the Tigers 7-1.

The Red Sox took the lead by driving in four runs in their first round in the stick. Adam Duvall, Raimel Tapia and Jorge Alfaro produced these points.

Tapia, who played for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2022, was also talked about for the right reasons in the third inning. The 29-year-old found a pitch from Brendan White to his liking and kicked the ball out of bounds.

On the mound in the winners' corner, starter Chris Sale gave two hits in as many innings played. He also passed two opponents in the mitt. Gunner Zack Kelly allowed the Tigers only point, he who was in position for the sixth period. Riley Greene stretched his arms and hit a solo homer.

In Brief

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