[VIDEO] A softball player tricks the catcher in a brilliant way

[VIDÉO] Softball player tricks catcher in brilliant way


Women's softball player Jada Walton is all the rage on social media these days, her on-field imagination allowing her to truly steal a point from stunned rivals.

During a game played Tuesday in Texas, the Carthage High School athlete was at second base when she started her run on a hit. After rounding the third base and seeing that she was going to arrive well after the throw at home plate, she chose trickery to outsmart the catcher who was trying to tag her for the out.

Walton simply pointed to the sky to tell his opponent to look away and as the catcher looked away the runner touched the plate to award a run more at her club.

“She was just standing in front of home plate, so I had no idea what I was going to do. I was improvising…and I was amazed to see what she did, because I had never seen anything like that before,” Walton told the local Panola Watchman newspaper.< /p>

In Major League Baseball, however, this type of call has been banned in recent years. Players arriving at home plate must follow their running line. Otherwise, the referee will automatically declare them out.