[VIDEO] a total of$ 750,000 to attract Quebecers in Quebec city

[VIDÉO] 750 000$ pour attirer les Québécois à Québec

The City of Québec and the Office of tourism rely on the tourists quebec this summer and are launching an advertising campaign of$ 750,000 for the draw in the capital.

“Our campaign is a nod to the people of Quebec with the theme of the place, expressed the mayor of Québec, Régis Labeaume. Quebecers are familiar with our city and our region, but we want to remind them how nice it is to stay in a national capital organised on a human scale and where spaces are available, even in urban settings.”

The mayor wanted to ensure that Quebec is among the first regions to launch the offensive to woo tourists. If it was up to him, one leader would have been in place since the beginning of may. But he had to wait because of the containment measures between the regions.

Choice of holiday

“You want to reach the point where people are going to make decisions for their vacation. It reminds them that we exist and, in two, three weeks, one arrives at the right time.”

The campaign is multi-platform will be deployed mainly on the traditional media, insisted the mayor. It will be built around a video advertising and will also be in print.

“More than ever, we need the space,” says the narrative voice on the video that touts the merits of the capital. “Quebec, the place to now find themselves,” she concludes.

The campaign is funded in equal shares by the City of Québec, the government of Canada and the Office of tourism, which each invest 250 000$.


“We do everything we can to have a season just as profitable as pleasant,” stressed Benoît Pigeon, director of the Office of tourism of Quebec, which insists on the fact that Quebec is a destination safe and appropriate to the health crisis. One wants to target an adult audience and family, specifically to the west of the province and of the greater Montreal area. It seeks to compensate for the loss of international tourists.

The mayor considers that it is the tourists that need to be convinced, since people are a natural constituency of the region. “People love Quebec. But need to remind the world that you exist.”

Packages at a discount will also be offered. The ads will direct visitors to a web page that will offers to local attractions.

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