[VIDEO] An intervention that would have been skidding

[VIDÉO] Une intervention qui aurait pu déraper

The alertness of a police officer in montreal may have avoided a tragedy on Monday in the city centre, while a man tried to grab the weapon of a suspect in the train to be stopped.

“It could have been really bad turn, launches from the outset, an officer of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), who has asked to be silent about his identity. The agent has really reacted quickly. The guy did he hide the weapon ? Shoot the police officers ? We do not know his intentions, but you do interposes not in an intervention like this for the fun of it, usually. “

It was about midnight, Monday, when a pair of patrol boats has been dispatched on Crescent street, near Sainte-Catherine West, to respond to a call from 911 about a man intimidating and armed, has confirmed to the SPVM.

The two officers approach the young man, potentially armed, according to the appeal of the 911.

As evidenced by the images of a surveillance camera obtained by The Newspaper, the tone has quickly mounted between the agents and the individual dressed in purple.

In a context that will have to be determined by the investigators, the latter was overpowered and thrown to the ground by the police.

Fearing a threat, the officers throw the suspect to the ground to contain it. His weapon was then found between his legs.

The gun from the young man was then found between his legs. Shortly after, a man who was near the scene curiously and somewhat subtly tried to grab the weapon by the suspect.

An individual, who could be the friend of the suspect, tries to recover the gun, but the police is faster than him and takes it over.

Nice response

“The police officer saw it coming and was faster than him, rejoices the former investigator of the Sûreté du Québec Paul Laurier. It is a beautiful statement made at a rapid rate in a context quite hostile. Hat ! “

The ex-sergeant of POLICE and private investigator Alfredo Munoz also welcome the alertness of the patrolman, but note all the same a flat.

“According to what I see on these images, the main suspect seems to remove a weapon from his pants and put it in the ground, but normally, his arms would have had to be controlled. The police responded well, but maybe these images demonstrate the lack of continuous training at the level of the use of force among police officers. “

Each situation is different, tempers, however, the president of the Fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal, Yves Francoeur.

“I admire the sang-froid of our police officers who were facing two individuals, one of whom was armed […] Despite the training, it is always events exciting and out of the ordinary [that are] unfortunately, more and more frequent, since our police officers are seizing more and more handguns in Montreal,” he explains.

Two criminals

Finally, Johnny Odiesse, the suspect who is the subject of the 911 call, was arrested for being in possession of a pistol Glock 17 loaded, which seems to have been stolen, and of which the serial number had been erased, as well as of assault and obstructing the work of the police.

Curiously, the young man who comes to hamper clearly the work of the agents remains in place and does not attempt to escape. It will be stopped by the suite.

The individual who attempted to seize his weapon, Kishothman Veerasingam, will also face a charge of obstructing a peace officer.

The two men of 28 and 26 years old would be possibly friends. The first will remain detained pending further proceedings. The second has been released on conditions.

It is far from the first time they were to appear before a judge, since to them alone and, despite their young age, they accumulate no less than sixty of breaches of their assets.

– With the collaboration of Michael Nguyen and Roxane Trudel

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