[VIDEO] An onboard camera of the RCMP shows the violent arrest of an indigenous leader

[VIDÉO] Une caméra de bord de la GRC montre l’arrestation violente d’un chef autochtone

The images contained in the video below may shock you. We prefer to warn you.

FORT MCMURRAY | A 12-minute video recorded from the dashboard of the car of the royal Canadian mounted police has been filed on Thursday as evidence in the case of the violent arrest of the chief, Athabasca Chipewyan Allan Adam.

The video should allow the lawyer of the aboriginal chief in alberta to file a petition to suspend the criminal charges against his client “because of numerous violations of the rights of the head of Adam under the Charter of rights and freedoms”.

The man had been accused of resisting arrest in Fort McMurray last march, while accompanied by his wife and niece, he was apprehended by agents of the RCMP, the vehicle registration being expired.

A police officer then raised the hand on the wife of the native chief, who opposed the gesture. A second officer arrived on the scene and an altercation followed.

Mr. Adam has been wounded in the face, while police officers beat his head against a sidewalk. Arrested, he reportedly spent a night behind bars.

In the video, you can see Allan Adam to make back-and-forth between his car and the patrol of the RCMP, explaining that he was “tired of being harassed by the RCMP.”

The scene seems to be stretched between the chief and the officers, one of whom, at one time, trying to make it fit to force a woman into the car’s native chief.

Follows the altercation between Allan Adam, and an agent arrived in reinforcement, which the plate on the floor with a plug in the neck.

The incident is the subject of an investigation by the response Team Alberta in the event of a serious incident (ASIRT) has been contracted by the RCMP to shed light on this matter.

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