VIDEO. Arthur Cazaux also wins his France-Belgium by beating Zizou Bergs for his first victory at Wimbledon after a big fight

VIDEO. Arthur Cazaux also wins his France-Belgium by beating Zizou Bergs for his first victory at Wimbledon after a big fight

Arthur Cazaux has reached the second round of Wimbledon. Screenshot X Wimbledon

Arthur Cazaux qualified for the second round of Wimbledon for the first time in his career, thanks to his victory in five sets against the Belgian Zizou Bergs (6-1, 6-4, [2] 6-7, [ 4] 6-7, 7-6 [8]) after more than 4.5 hours of play, Monday July 1.

This is a performance that should not be trivialized. Firstly because it is the first time that the Montpellier native has won a match at Wimbledon, then because he had not won a match since the end of February on the main circuit, finally by the scenario at the end of the meeting.

After more than four hours of playing a very good fight, Arthur Cazaux (98th in the world) and Zizou Bergs (82nd) ​​had to go through a super tie break in the fifth round to decide between .

Bublik next turn

And while he was leading 8-2 in this final decisive game, the Héraultais saw the Belgian come back level (8-8), with two services to follow for his opponent.

But Cazaux had strong nerves in a moment of great tension, securing a match point thanks to a magnificent winning return on a serve-volley from Bergs, before win the match with a winning service after 4 hours and 39 minutes of play.

All to qualify for the second round in London, where he will face Kazakhstan's Alexander Bublik (23rd in the world).

Cazaux leads two zeros before being caught

Before this breathless super tie break, the Montpellier native had ideally started his match against Bergs. As declared to Midi Libre, he appeared very sharp physically and not at all bothered by his ankle, twisted in Barcelona in mid-April. So much so that Cazaux led two sets to zero (6-1, 6-4), even making the Belgian lose at the end of the second set.

Even getting a break point at the start of the third, without managing to take the service of "Zizou" during this first game, or all the others. Bergs even came back to 2-1 thanks to a well-conducted tie break ([2] 6-7).

In the fourth set, the pattern was repeated with only one break point on both sides that Cazaux obtained at 3-2, without effect once again, before losing the tie break again ([4] 6-7).

A breathless end to the fifth set

The last set was more open between the two men, without any break point being converted.

Whether at 2-1 or 3-2 for the Belgian or 5-5 for the Frenchman. Before a final breathless service game for Cazaux at 6-5, who managed to bring his opponent into the super tie break after five game points. To beat him better, a few minutes after the victory of the French team against Belgium, in the round of 16 of Euro 2024.

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