[VIDEO] At 84, he flees the police in a burning vehicle



Wisconsin officers have begun a police pursuit of an 84-year-old driver who refused to stop when pulled over on Tuesday.

The officers were simply trying to stop him because sparks were flying from his rear wheel. The man was driving on a flat tire and the metal part was rubbing on the ground. the police cruiser. 

The police can be seen following the vehicle, and the sparks literally ignite the vehicle. Once again, the driver seems to want to continue on his way. 

However, the flames become too important and he has no choice but to stop. The police manage to extricate the man at the very last minute. 

“Last night, just after 9 p.m., the Kenosha Police Department observed a van driving with a flat tire that was emitting sparks wheel,” Kenosha police told Reuters. 

Police say no one was seriously injured.