Video clips for introducing the world to young people

Des capsules vidéo pour faire découvrir le monde aux jeunes

Lack of ability to travel abroad this year, a teacher from laval passionate adventure invites young people to discover the world through video clips that he has made around the globe.

“I wanted to find a mission, so I combined my passions, that is to say, education and travel,” explains Olivier Chiasson. In my previous trips, I was still hoping to be able to visit the schools. I put it in application. “

The one that is known under the pseudonym of ‘prof nomad” takes advantage of his foreign expeditions to visit the primary schools and make video clips of free educational, to taste cultural and informative. Everything is put online on the site

“I want to give an overview to the students of Quebec to show them what it looks like education elsewhere. Here, there are a lot of immigrants of various nationalities, ” continues the one that is assigned to the school of Sainte-Marguerite. I always try to show the positive. “

In 2018, the young teacher of 34 years has decided to take a year off to circumnavigate the world, as he had always hoped. In 11 months, he was able to visit 17 schools on three different continents.

Teach the difference

A few times, he was able to take advantage of his time in the schools to teach the culture, or even a few notions of English, students smiling, well aware of their luck, not having all access to the school for free, ” he stressed.

“What struck me, is poverty. I’ve seen teachers teach with their children in their arms [and] schools in rural areas, where the conditions were completely different than ours, ” he says. But also the happiness of the students, who appreciate the chance they have. “

Even if it would have had to find in Senegal at the present time to continue its educational mission — and not ” in Canada “, as stated in the update of its web site, the professor has rather benefited from the containment to pre-empt the publication of his second novel.

“Everything was booked for the trip, but you know the rest,” he said, laughing. [The author Antoine Gervais and I have] been able to put more time to writing. Volume two was planned for the summer or back to school. There, it is already published. “His novels, inspired by his travels, tell the adventures of Mr. Olivier, who travels the world.

Educational materials

To accompany its video clips, prof nomad also produces educational materials, used by more than 500 teachers, he believes, if it relies on sales data on its website.

“I created educational materials in connection with the social world, the ethics and religious culture [and] geography. It is the key material in hand for the teachers, ” he says.

Although his trip was cancelled, he maintains that this is only a postponement : he plans to use leave without pay to continue his project in the years to come.

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