VIDEO. Euro 2024: England wins against Serbia but does not convince for its entry into the competition

VIDEO. Euro 2024: England wins against Serbia but does not convince for its entry into the competition

Pickford a dû s’employer pour conserver le résultat. MAXPPP – CHRISTOPHER NEUNDORF

England successfully entered the competition in this Euro 2024, winning by the smallest of margins against Serbia (1-0), Sunday June 16 in the evening in Gelsenkirchen.

The Three Lions generally controlled their start, despite a few hot flashes in the second half, thanks to the talent and the solid nerve of their golden collective, already well-oiled, and reassured after a preparation which had raised some uncertainties.

Here they are at the same level as the other big names, whether Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, all emerging victorious from their opening matches, while waiting that of the Blues on Monday against Austria.

England's Sunday was almost perfect, as main rivals for top spot in Group C, Denmark, unexpectedly got hooked earlier by Slovenia (1-1). A new victory in four days against the Scandinavians, in Frankfurt, would give them a path to the round of 16 before the third match, a scenario that would delight Gareth Southgate.< /p>

Bellingham, who else?

The coach arrived in Germany with the pressure of an entire country on his back, in search of a first European Championship title, and a first title since 1966 and the World Cup at home. The start of the competition lightens the mood a little after a mixed preparation, which ended with a 1-0 defeat and a few whistles against Iceland at Wembley.

In Gelsenkirchen, the Three Lions boss was able to start his first team, and in particular his diamond Jude Bellingham, a lightning scorer (13th, 1-0), two weeks after his Champions League title.

The Real Madrid phenomenon, positioned as an offensive leader, delighted the many English supporters with valuable defensive returns, changes of play in laser mode and an exquisite touch of the ball like Zinédine Zidane, whose legendary N.5 he wears on Real Madrid.

Above all, he came from five meters to place a powerful header in front of a defender on a cross from Bukayo Saka, and his fourth goal in thirty selections allowed his team not to wait for long.

Shivers at the end

Serbia chased the ball for a long time. The proof is that he even had to wait almost six minutes after kick-off to make a first pass. But she raised her head in the second half, less controlled by the English, which will inevitably give ideas and hope to their future adversaries.

It remains to be seen how Southgate and his defense will respond when the shaking gets stronger. Because the offensive threat proposed by the "Aigles" by Dragan Stojkovic did not fly very high on Sunday. The English coach had lined up the expected rearguard, with John Stones and Marc Guéhi in the middle, Kyle Walker in his preferred position on the right and Kieran Trippier, shifted to the left.

One of the most closely watched choices was in midfield and he chose Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool's all-rounder, to pair with Declan Rice. "TAA" stood out with interceptions and well-felt passes, but he also lost a dangerous ball (20th) and was replaced by his understudy Conor Gallagher in the second half.

Another entrant, Jarrod Bowen stood out from the start with a nice cross for the head of captain Harry Kane, pushed back onto the bar by goalkeeper Predrag Rajkovic (77th). Failing to pile up goals, England did not concede any and that is already a great accomplishment, since they had conceded at least one in five of their seven previous meetings. Jordan Pickford (82nd) ​​and Kane (83rd) kept watch.

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