VIDEO. Euro 2024: Italy was scared but ended up winning against Albania after conceding the fastest goal in Euro history

VIDEO. Euro 2024: Italy was scared but ended up winning against Albania after conceding the fastest goal in Euro history

Italy won the first match of its Euro. dpa – Friso Gentsch

Despite the quickest goal in the Euro conceded at the very start of the match, Italy overthrew Albania (2-1) for its first match in the competition, Saturday 15  June in Dortmund.

Three years after its unexpected coronation at Wembley, the Nazionale, which had difficulty qualifying to defend its title in Germany, was scared for around ten minutes, before to easily master a dull Albania.

Italy couldn't have had a worse start to Euro 2024. In the second action of the match, it conceded the fastest goal in history in a final phase of a European Championship. #39;Europe after a blunder by Federico Dimarco.

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The Inter Milan defender, on a touch that was too weak towards Alessandro Bastoni, ideally launched towards the goal of his team Nedim Bajrami who, with a violent strike at the near post, deceived Gianluigi Donnarumma. The Sassuolo striker, one of the five Albanian starters playing in Italy, sent the 50,000 supporters dressed in red and wearing the traditional "qeleshe" in white felt in the 7th heaven.

67 seconds of gameplay

Even in its seated configuration for this Euro, the "Yellow Wall", the impressive stand usually occupied by Borussia Dortmund supporters, which has become for the ' red occasion, shook the Westfalenstadion and undoubtedly all of Italy football.

Bajrami dethroned the Russian Dmitri Kirichenko, author until then of the fastest goal in history during Euro 2004 after 67 seconds of play, against Greece at the stadium. ;Algarve in Portugal. 

But instead of giving him confidence, this goal completely paralyzed Albania which is playing in Germany the second major tournament in its history after Euro-2016. The "Aigles", 66th in the Fifa ranking, quickly folded their wings, facing an Italy which, despite lacking certainties, particularly offensively, before this tournament, no longer posed any questions. questions.

Italian mastery

We only had to wait around ten minutes for the Nazionale to equalize on a corner, played in two stages between Lorenzo Pellegrini and Dimarco, and taken at the far post by Alessandro Bastoni (11th).

Luciano Spalletti's team doubled the lead in the 16th minute with a superb Nicolo Barella strike which silenced the imposing Albanian contingent in the stands and made the & ;quot;Italia, Italia" until then shy.

The European champions, all in control like their midfield masterfully orchestrated by Jorginho and Barella, could have increased the score before the break. But they came up against Thomas Strakosha, preferred to Etrit Berisha.

The draw didn't get far

The Brentford goalkeeper first deflected an attempt from Davide Frattesi (32nd) onto his left post, then stepped in front of Gianluca Scamacca, unmarked (38th). Returning from the locker room, Italy resumed its domination, but did not manage to take cover, despite a 20 m strike from Chiesa which narrowly missed the frame (60e).

Albania even believed they could snatch a draw in the 90th minute without a decisive deflection from Donnarumma, ahead of Rey Manaj. If Italy negotiated this trap match well and quickly forgot its initial fear, it will have to be more realistic against Spain, victorious over Croatia (3-0) on Saturday, June 20 for this which should be the final of this group B.

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