VIDEO. Euro 2024: “We didn’t do enough to win”, reactions after France’s draw against Poland

VIDEO. Euro 2024: “We didn’t do enough to win”, reactions after France’s draw against Poland

Adrien Rabiot estime que les Français peuvent faire bien mieux. dpa – Friso Gentsch

The Blues were disappointed with their performance after the draw against Poland (1-1), Tuesday June 25.

Didier Deschamps (France team coach): "I'm not frustrated. Obviously, through this match, we wanted to seek first place. But for that, you had to win. As long as you don't win, you can't get it. So, we obviously have to accept it. Even if we did the right thing by having the opportunities to score.

Afterwards, there is this penalty even though it was initially stopped. So, we have to appreciate what we have done. We are qualified. At least we know when we will play. We don't yet know who exactly. But it will be July 1st. The first objective has been achieved. Even if we don't have the place we were aiming for since we are second.

A new competition will begin. We did what we could do. We could have done better in terms of efficiency. Even if the goalkeeper still made some very good saves. Obviously, if we were safe with a two-goal lead, it was always better. But we weren’t able to do it.

We end these pools with this draw. And a qualification that is important to us."

Adrien Rabiot (middle of the French team): "We would have liked to finish first, we don't have one didn't put in enough to win tonight, we'll have to settle for second place. We had everything between our feet, we didn't do enough. The goalkeeper and Poland were very good, we had good opposition but we have to do much better to score. We still have this problem of efficiency. It’s positive, we are qualified, we are second even if we don’t know who we will play against again. The goal was first place so we didn’t achieve it."

Bradley Barcola (French team striker): "It’s disappointing , I'm happy for my first start, we could have done better in front of goal, we managed the match too well. We got screwed because we didn’t score the second. I could have done better. It’s already good what we’re doing with Ousmane on the sides, but it’s true that if we can add something more collective, things will work better and we would have had more ;occasions."

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