VIDEO. France-Portugal: Jules Koundé's skylight, Joao Felix's post, Théo Hernandez's liberating goal… relive the penalty shootout

VIDEO. France-Portugal: Jules Koundé's skylight, Joao Felix's post, Théo Hernandez's liberating goal... relive the penalty shootout

Theo Hernandez a libéré les Bleus. MAXPPP – ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH

The France team won a penalty shootout for the first time in a knockout phase since 1998 and its victory against Italy in the quarterfinals, Friday June 5 at Hamburg, beating Portugal (0-0, 5-3 tab) in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024. 

Théo Hernandez, signing the fifth "péno" Frenchman on Friday evening in Hamburg, in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024, joined the Blues heroes, the goalkeepers like Joël Bats and Fabien Barthez, the decisive shooters like Luis Fernandez and Laurent Blanc.

Mike Maignan, a penalty specialist, didn't stop a single one, Joao Felix hit the post, but he's already done better than Hugo Lloris. The former captain, goalkeeper of the French team for 13 years, was powerless against Switzerland in 2021, in the round of 16 of the previous Euro (3-3, 5 on penalties to 4). 

Then in the world final a year and a half later against Argentina (3-3, 4 on penalties to 2). Since the fatal evening in Seville against West Germany (3-3, 4 penalties to 3), where Didier Six and Maxime Bossis failed to convert their shots, the French have lost two World Cup finals, the last one and the one against Italy in 2006 (1-1, 5 penalties to 3).

Italy, latest

In 1986, the Blues treated Seville syndrome by beating Brazil in the quarter-finals of the World Cup (1-1, 4 tab to 3). Joël Bats had played the match of his life in goal, and Luis Fernandez (the "Luis, my little Luis” of Michel Drucker on the air had remained) had converted the winning shot on goal , erasing the failure of Michel Platini.

The French also beat Italy in the quarter-finals on the way to the first world champion star in 1998 (0-0, 4 tab to 3). Besides Fabien Barthez in goal, the hero was… Italian, Luigi Di Biagio sending his attempt into the clouds. In 1996, the balance sheet was balanced.

The Aimé Jacquet team won its quarter-final session against the Netherlands (0-0, 5 tab to 4), where Laurent Blanc transformed the last, after the failure of Clarence Seedorf against Bernard Lama. But she lost in the half against the Czech Republic (0-0, 6 tab to 5), where Reynald Pedros did not score his goal. But Friday evening, the exercise smiled on the Blues.

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