Video games: on board… playful!

Video games: boarding... fun! < /p> UPDATE DAY

Lakes, rivers, seas and oceans are waiting for you. Because, on these sunny days, what could be better than to take the boat out… since we all know it's not time to get on the plane. 

The lapping of the turquoise waters of the South Seas… Without a doubt, “Salt” stands out as the very first destination. As captain of your ship – you can even customize it by decorating it to your liking – your task is to sail from one island to another. Exploration, looting and encounters await you, all in the calm and without the usual action, in this very zen open world title.

Still in the chapter of family explorations, but this time in a Very “RPG” and “combat” spirit, “Horizon's Gate” allows you to create your crew with which you will travel the oceans to measure yourself against different enemies in each of the islands visited. And, with its very pixelated visual, it floats in this title like a little smell of nostalgia.

On the run

Let's leave the relative calm of the high seas to dive headfirst into the most popular of water sports: boat racing. Start by stepping into the shoes of an idle millionaire with nothing better to do than race a yacht or speedboat. Free and accessible on a browser, this “Speed ​​Boat Extreme Racing” is the kind of game you play for a few minutes between two tasks. In the same spirit, “Water Board Racing” turns out to be a little more complex since you cannot drive your speedboat with the keys on your keyboard, but you must click on the corresponding icons.

For phones, and if you fancy a competitive “feel”, “Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3D” puts you at the helm of a choice of six different watercraft – from catamaran to jet ski – in order to attempt, with your team, to win the prestigious World Cup. PC owners head to “MelDEV Power Boat Racing”, currently in development, which promises to respect the laws of physics.

And finally, for those who don't don't care about competitions and speed records, here is “Boat Rescue” in which you have to save swimmers in distress with your boat… which is easier said than done.

< strong>Sailors…

Inevitably, who says “boat”, says “sailor”… and we are not talking about pirates here. To learn how to pilot a ship according to the rules of the art, here is “Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator”. With its breathtaking visuals, capricious weather, hyper-realistic settings as well as races with other players, usually enthusiasts of the sport – a trip to the Pacific can take up to six months, it's all in time real.

Simple amateurs will prefer “Sailwind”, a simulator not quite like the others. Unlike titles of the genre, this one is more user-friendly and playful. Because not only will you know how to maneuver your boat like a Neptune out of the water, but you will also be able to explore the islands in peace, learn to fish and cook and even customize your boat by adding to it – why not? – a lounge chair to admire the setting sun.

For “gamers” with dark humor, “Sinking Simulator” offers to sink ships in different ways. You choose the ship, how it sinks, and observe the damage, all of which proves to be oddly satisfying.

And finally, by way of conclusion, an article on boats would not be complete without a reference to the legendary Titanic. To satisfy your thirst for curiosity, you must take a detour to “Titanic: The Experience” during which you will relive the events of April 14, 1912 in great detail, including exploring the liner.

The link book

“Salt”: for Windows

“Speed ​​Boat Extreme Racing”: via browsers

“Water Boat Racing” : browsers

“Top Boat: Racing Simulator 3D”: /apps/details?id=com.tbegames.and.top_boat_racing&hl=en_US&gl=US for Android and iOS

“Boat Rescue”: browsers

“MelDEV Power Boat Racing”: for Windows during development phase

“Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator”: Windows and macOS

“Sailwind”: Windows

“Sinking Simulator”: Windows

“Titanic: The Experi experience”: Windows