[VIDEO] Joe Biden falls down the stairs again

[VIDÉO] Joe Biden falls down the stairs again


US President Joe Biden tripped again on the stairs of an Air Force One plane on Wednesday as he departed Poland.

Right in the middle of the stairs, the 80-year-old man fell face first, cushioning his fall with his hands, before continuing his ascent rapidly. At the top of the stairs, he waved to the crowd in a hurry, before entering the cabin, according to a video reported by the New York Post.< /p>

This fall, which occurred at Warsaw Chopin airport in Poland, is at least the third accused by the president since the start of his term.

In March 2021, Biden fell at least twice down another boarding stairway on an Air Force plane while en route to Atlanta, prompting questions about his physical abilities to perform his role, it was reported. “The Independent”.

His press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, however, came to Biden's defense, indicating that she herself “nearly fell from the stairs” due to strong winds.

In May last year, while on his way to Illinois, the President reportedly seemed to lose control momentarily on the stairs at Andrews Air Force Base, before being caught by his commander-in-chief.
In the past, these incidents have served as ammunition for Republicans who persist in saying that Biden would not be fit for his role as president.

According to a recent medical report , Biden's stiff gait is believed to be explained by 'significant vertebral arthritis, mild post-fracture foot arthritis and mild peripheral sensory neuropathy of the feet,” reported White House Dr. Kevin O’Connor.