VIDEO. MHSC – Lorient: “At half-time, we said things to each other in the locker room”, “there was no penalty against us”, post-match reactions

VIDEO. MHSC – Lorient: “At half-time, we said things to each other in the locker room”, “there was no penalty against us”, post-match reactions

Michel Der Zakarian savored his team's victory thanks to a good second half. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

The Montpellier coach admitted in a post-match press conference that his team had not applied the instructions in the first half in his team's victory against Lorient (2 -0), Sunday April 7.

Michel Der Zakarian (Montpellier coach):"In the first half, we approached the match badly, we wanted to go after the opponent high up and we made a mistake, we got pierced, we had lucky that Lorient didn't score because they had a lot of situations. And fortunately Benjamin made one or two stops.

In the second half, we rectified things, we said things to each other at half-time in the locker room. Everyone listened, defended a little lower. We were compact, we recovered the ball and we created chances then we finished. There is also Benjamin who makes two good saves after the break. We were pierced less, we used the ball better, we were good, even very good. The returnees brought some positive things, that’s very good.

We had said separately within 6 meters that we were going to look for them, in the game, no. We should have waited for them further down. The problem is that we were wrong.

We put them at six points today and they are barrages, for me, we still have two victories to go for and 38 pts minimum.

We're going to have to have a good match in Clermont, it's up to us to prepare well for this match, we're going to have to be strong to bring home points.

For me, there is no penalty, the VAR called the referee and our video analyst confirmed this. And he was there for us.

Mousa (Tamari) lost too many balls, he wasn't playing fair. Tanguy (Coulibaly) and Yann (Karamoh) made good entries. They were influential for the team and it’s good that the players who are coming back are bringing us something positive. Last week, in Le Havre, was the first time that our substitutes scored, they did it two matches in a row. This is what we expect from the group.

It's good for goalaverage that we didn't concede any goals because we took a good beating against Paris. We are at minus 5 today.

Mincarelli was good, overall the full-backs were good and did the job. Lorient has a young team but we were too."

Régis Le Bris (Lorient coach) : "We had a pretty good first half&nbsp ;good in team expression, in general mastery in defensive and offensive moments. But we did not materialize despite multiple opportunities because we lacked the cross or the pass, or the determination to score. We controlled the opposing projection forces despite losing axial balls in the 30 m.

At the start of the second half, we lost the balls there in the progression and we fell into the transition game of Montpellier with also set pieces from the aerial presence and they have materialized. The match opened up a little more afterwards and we fell into the scenario expected by our opponents. The 2nd goal is more anecdotal.

The regret is not having pushed our chances to the limit, it looks like the Brest match where we did quality work in expression. But we have a young team, we have to learn quickly. The reality of competition is to score goals.

We took a lot of cards compared to our opponent who made a lot of mistakes. I think six each would have been fairer."it

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