Video of the band Queen has set a record on YouTube

This is a record for the clips recorded before the 1990-ies

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Клип группы Queen установил рекорд на YouTube

The band Queen and Freddie mercury

Clip of the British band Queen for the song Bohemian Rhapsody, who have become richer than Queen Elizabeth II, received over a billion views on the official channel group on YouTube. This is a record for the clips recorded before 1990-ies, reads the blog YouTube.

Watch a video about the secret life of the soloist of the band Queen Freddie mercury:

Note that the band thanked their fans for their support on the official group page in Facebook and decided to celebrate the event by shooting three new music videos.

Current members of Queen Brian may and Roger Taylor invited everyone to take part in the filming. To this end, they launched the contest You Are The Champions.

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“If you are a musician, singer, dancer, artist or just want to have fun. Go to to find out more”, − stated in the message.

Also the band thanked YouTube for the fact that the record about the record was posted on a giant screen in times Square in new York.

Earlier, the song Bohemian Rhapsody by British band Queen has become the most listened to streaming services composition of the XX century.

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