VIDEO. Paris 2024 Olympics: Renaud Lavillenie tried everything but the London Olympic champion will not be at the Games this summer

VIDEO. Paris 2024 Olympics: Renaud Lavillenie tried everything but the London Olympic champion will not be at the Games this summer

Renaud Lavillenie will not be at the Games this summer. MAXPPP – STADION-ACTU

Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie failed to achieve the Olympic minimum, namely clearing a bar at 5.82m in the pole vault, on Sunday June 30 at the French Championships in Angers. The London Olympic champion will not be at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

In a competition contested on the day of the qualification deadline, Lavillenie must have cleared 5.82 m, the height of the Olympic minimums, to buy a ticket for the Stade de France in a month and participate in his fourth JO. But the 37-year-old Frenchman capped at 5.60 m, before failing three times at 5.72 m.

The five-time world medalist (from 2009 to 2017) and three-time European champion (2010, 2012 and 2014) knew since he decided to have hamstring surgery last September that ;#39;a time trial would await him upon his return to competition at the end of spring, just over two months before the Olympic high mass.

The French Championships competition was its seventh since its resumption on May 22. He approached it with two zeros scored in three competitions (Le Bourget and Toulouse). Because after a rather promising return to action, with his second and third competitions completed above 5.70 m, the situation became even more difficult for Lavillenie, when his thigh started to creak in full swing at the start of the month. 

He will not be a standard bearer

Under the sun, returning on Sunday afternoon, Lavillenie cleared 5.45 m on the first attempt and 5.60 m on the second, before stumbling over 5.72 m. Even for him, the challenge of climbing to 5.82 m was daunting: he hadn't climbed that high in almost two years.

He cleared 5.87 m in the world final in July 2022 in Eugene (United States), when he placed fifth. With participation in the Olympics for the fourth time in his career, another ambition eludes Lavillenie: that of being the standard bearer of the French delegation on the Seine, for the Olympic ceremony. #39;opening of the Paris Games on July 26.

Collet champion of France with 5.82 m 

The double Olympic medalist (2nd in 2016 in Rio) was one of the two candidates presented by French athletics, with discus thrower Mélina Robert-Michon. The flag bearers will be known on July 12, two weeks before the start of the 2024 Olympics. No question of retirement, however.

"I'm not like my comrades (Lesueur, Compaoré and Tamgho the day before, editor's note), I'm not announcing my retirement!", he said launched at the microphone of the Angevin stadium. It was Thibaut Collet, the only French pole vaulter to have achieved the Olympic minimums, who was crowned French champion with 5.82 m. He then failed at 5.96 m, one centimeter above his recent personal best.

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