VIDEO. Paris wins big on Barcelona's pitch and secures a Champions League semi-final

VIDEO. Paris wins big on Barcelona's pitch and secures a Champions League semi-final

Auteur d’un doublé, Kylian Mbappé a largement contribué au succès du PSG à Barcelone. EFE – Alejandro Garcia

Beaten (3-2) in the first leg, PSG achieved the feat on Tuesday of overthrowing FC Barcelona (4-1) in Catalonia thanks to Dembélé, Vitinha and especially Mbappé, author of a doubled, and returns to the semi-finals of the Champions League, a first since 2021.

It was a night to dream: this victory at the end of a crazy scenario and an electric match will erase all the nightmares and erase all the wounds inflicted by Barça to PSG.

It was necessary to change history, and the Parisians did it: until then, no French team had qualified for the next round in C1 after having lost the first leg at home. "PSG has never been able to qualify after losing in the first leg but, tomorrow (Tuesday), we will do it", had promised Monday Luis Enrique.

Barça coach during the "comeback" of 2017, when PSG was swept 6-1 in the round of 16 second leg after winning 4-0 in the first leg, Luis Enrique, now at the head of the Parisian club, finally managed to overthrow the situation. Twice.

Everything changed when Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo (29th) was sent off for hooking up just in front of the surface with Bradley Barcola launched at full speed on the left side.

Because until then, PSG was trailing (1-0) after Raphinha's opening score – his 3rd goal after his double in the first leg – perfectly served by the nugget Lamine Yamal (12th) who played against Parisian Nuno Mendes.

The chances of a Parisian qualification in the last four were then very slim, especially since Lewandowski was very close to doubling the stake (20th). At the back of the wall, the Luis Enrique's men kept the pressure high and continued the attacks, including that of Barcola which provoked the Barcelona expulsion.

The open spaces, Lamine Yamal released and replaced by Inigo Martinez, the Parisians made Xavi's men suffer, expelled just like his deputy for his virulent comments on his touchline. And it’s happened a once again on the side of Bradley Barcola, back from injury, who crossed at the far post for Ousmane Dembélé.

Cold Blood

Whistled at each ball taken by the Lluís-Companys Olympic stadium, the former Barcelona player equalized with a powerful shot from the right (1-1, 40th).  Too discreet and not effective enough during the first leg, Kylian Mbappé, expected to join Real Madrid next season, was eagerly awaited.

Supported this week by Luis Enrique, the N.7, who had not shown himself too much until then, showed composure by taking the penalty (3-1, 61st) caused by Ousmane Dembélé, the goal which allowed direct qualification without going through extensions.

And then he delivered all his own at the end of the match, celebrating his double below the 3,000 Parisian ultras around all his teammates. PSG and Mbappé took the wide (4-1, 89th) after a mix-up in the Barcelona area and despite a double save from Ter Stegen. But the French striker took advantage of a delivery from Jules Koundé at his feet to deceive the Parisian goalkeeper.

Beated tactically by his former teammate Xavi during the first round, Luis Enrique, who had decided to align his usual attack with Barcola, Dembélé and Mbappé, managed to perfectly manage Robert Lewandowski and his fixing work.

The depth was also better managed by the defense of Lucas Hernandez and Marquinhos, again in the center and who saved his team on several occasions (73rd, 88th) not failing to celebrate his angry fist interventions. Feverish in the first leg, PSG goalkeeper Donnarumma negotiated the second round a little better, well helped by his captain (73rd), and he released a perfect tap at the end of the match ( 88e).

And as everything is magical, the final seems more possible than ever, as the future opponent seems within reach of PSG: Dortmund, whom Paris has already beaten in the group stage (2-0 , 1-1).

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