[VIDEO] Police beat up a trans woman: Italian justice investigates

[VIDÉO] Police beat trans woman: Italian justice investigates


Italian justice said on Thursday that it had opened an investigation after the beating by municipal police of a Brazilian trans woman in Milan, a scene filmed by witnesses and broadcast on social networks.  

The prosecutor in charge of the case confirmed to AFP the opening of an investigation.

The images show three policemen and a policewoman hitting a person with truncheons and spraying her with a tear gas canister while she was on the ground, hands in the air, before handcuffing her and taking her to the police station.

According to the media, these agents had intervened following calls from several parents of students complaining about his presence near entrance to a school and claiming that she was screaming.

During her transfer to the police station she allegedly claimed to feel bad and once the police vehicle stopped, she tried to flee, then , caught by the police, allegedly cried out that she had AIDS.