[VIDEO] Spectacular fire in a village in east London

[VIDÉO] Spectacular fire in east London village


A hundred firefighters are at work on Tuesday afternoon battling a blaze that is ravaging a village east of London in record-breaking heat in the UK, firefighters said .

According to footage taken from a Sky News helicopter, the fire swept through expanses of vegetation and destroyed several buildings and homes in the village of Wennington, about 30 miles away from central London.

A hundred firefighters and 15 units were deployed, London firefighters said on Twitter.

Faced with “several large fires across the capital during the record-breaking heatwave today', London firefighters have initiated an emergency procedure which allows more rescue service resources to be deployed. 

Several grassland fires are reported in several suburban areas of London.

As the heatwave hits Europe, the UK has for the first time exceeded times the 40°C threshold, with 40.2°C recorded at London's Heathrow airport, according to the British weather agency Met Office.