VIDEO. The extremis rescue of a couple and their infant trapped in torrential waters

VIDEO. The extremis rescue of a couple and their infant trapped in torrential waters

Le véhicule du couple de Belges emporté par les eaux. Capture X @vigilidelfuoco

Dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche 30 juin 2024, un couple de Belges avec leur enfant se sont retrouvés pris au piège dans une inondation en Italie.

These Belgian tourists and their infant decide to spend the night on the banks of the Orco River in the Piedmont region, in Italy. But the evening from Saturday to Sunday did not go as planned and they found themselves trapped in a major flood, which swept away their vehicle, reports 7 out of 7 .

"It was terrifying"

While he thought he was enjoying the Italian landscape, the two Belgians and their child saw the water suddenly rise around 1 a.m. While torrents swept away their camp, they were also unable to reach the mainland by their own means and requested help.

While the location information was vague, the Chivasso and Montanaro firefighters ended up finding them and helping them. Accompanied by divers, they were able to bring the family to safety in time as their vehicle was then swept away by the torrential waters. This area is known to be risky in the event of a camp, recalled Elena Guidi, of the local fire brigade, to the Italian channel Rai.

The latter praised the work of the emergency services, which once on the ground, proved very complex. "The mass of water was so powerful, it was terrifying. But we relied on our skills and we were able to successfully carry out the rescue operation by joining forces", she stressed.

In the evening from Saturday to Sunday, part of Europe was hit hard by severe bad weather, including violent thunderstorms and precipitation, particularly in the ;eastern France but also in Switzerland and Italy.

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