VIDEO. Top 14: Toulouse humiliates UBB in the final at the Vélodrome and lifts a 23rd Brennus Shield

VIDEO. Top 14: Toulouse humiliates UBB in the final at the Vélodrome and lifts a 23rd Brennus Shield

La joie des Toulousains lors de l'écrasante victoire face à l'UBB. MAXPPP – Fabien Cottereau

Stade Toulousain was never troubled by UBB during the Top 14 final on Friday, June 28 at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille, winning 59 to 3 to win a 23rd French championship title.

Nine tries to zero and the biggest gap in the history of the finals. Toulouse did more than just recite their lesson, wrapping up the match from the first minutes to always lead the score and above all take control of the game.

They proved that they were more than a big club, with a unique track record, a golden generation, made to win and set to last. "If we win tomorrow (Friday, editor's note) evening, confided fullback Thomas Ramos on Thursday, we will reach a milestone in the history of our club, and of our sport in general" : it’s now done.

Faced with clinical, pragmatic Toulouse, much more precise, fast and disciplined than their opponents, Maxime Lucu's teammates defended with rage, attempted, tried to play their rugby, the Rouge et Noir were way too strong. On the bench, as the minutes ticked away towards the final whistle, the Bordelo-Bèglais seemed stunned, unable to believe it, as if struck by lightning.

Paris lost for UBB

Their coach Yannick Bru had nevertheless warned on Thursday that a final must be played, not to consider yourself already happy to participate in it and above all "not to be spectators". Yet this is what the UBB players seemed to be: feverish, waiting, too frozen by the challenge, this terrible and exciting challenge at the same time. win your first Shield of Brennus.

Their three-quarters, so brilliant during the season, were weaned from balls, like Damian Penaud. The other UBB winger, Louis Bielle-Biarrey, was released prematurely, as a symbol of the impotence of the “Patrouille de France”.

The bets attempted by the management of Bordeaux-Bègles, that is to say establishing the pillar Ben Tameifuna and especially the opener Matthieu Jalibert, barely returned from injuries but ultimately undoubtedly too fair, did not prove to be winners. Jalibert, replaced in the 54th minute with his head down and under a few whistles, was thus at the origin of Toulouse's first try, one of his first kicks having fallen directly into the arms of Thomas Ramos.

Extraterrestrial Dupont

Relaunching the game, the Toulouse back set the red and black machine in motion, until Antoine Dupont's strength test, in the seventh minute , his first in the Top 14 final. The other bet of the UBB staff, to play Tameifuna when he had been announced forfeit at the start of the week, was not successful. happier either.

The Tongan pillar did not look at his best and accumulated errors in the scrum, penalizing his teammates, appearing to suffer several shoulder injuries until his exit in the 47th minute, to applause of the entire Vélodrome.

Dupont then did Dupont: he who had already picked up the pace, varying the game, since the start of the match, paid himself the luxury of a double on a personal exploit. Following a maul, on a ball recovered by Mauvaka, the captain of the French XV and future player of the Olympic Sevens team, took a small kick for himself, above his understudy for the Blues Maxime Lucu, before going to flatten (22-3, 23rd).

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Toulouse Furia

In the second period, the Toulouse team, in complete control, were initially content to manage, bringing in all their replacements so that the party was complete.

Before the match turned into a nightmare for UBB, with a succession of tries from the 64th minute, until a last pawn scored by Capuozzo after a action started from their start. More than a recitation, the match turned into humiliation. The Vélodrome could sing and the Toulouse party could begin.

Toulouse – Bordeaux-Bègles: 59-3

Stade Vélodrome, Marseille.
Half-time: 22-3.
Referee: L.Cayre.
Spectators: 66500.
For Toulouse: 9 tries Dupont (6th, 23rd), Mauvaka (20th), Marchand (68th), Kinghorn (70th), Ramos (64th, 74th), Ainu&amp ;rsquo;u (79th), Capuozzo (80th) ; 4 transformations Ramos (6th, 23rd), Kinghorn (70th), Ntamack (79th); 2 Ramos penalties (14th, 44th).
For Bordeaux-Bègles: 1 Lucu penalty (11th).
Yellow card in Bordeaux-Bègles: Tatafu (7th).

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