VIDEO. Top 14: UBB qualifies for the final after a completely crazy match where Stade Français missed the conversion to go into overtime

VIDEO. Top 14: UBB qualifies for the final after a completely crazy match where Stade Français missed the conversion to go into overtime

The fight was tough between UBB and Stade Français. MAXPPP – Fabien Cottereau

Union Bordeaux-Bègles qualified for the Top 14 final after beating Stade Français (22-20) in the second semi-final, where the Parisians missed the conversion to take the match in overtime.

The fourth attempt was therefore the right one for Maxime Lucu's teammates. After three failures in the semi-finals in the last three seasons, they finally broke this first glass ceiling, taking full advantage of a progression of this last four at home. Waiting for the next one…

Thirty-three years after the coronation of the CABBG, carried by the famous turtle of its emblematic "Rapetous" Vincent Moscato, Serge Simon and Philippe Gimbert, led by Bernard Laporte already against Toulouse (19-10), the Gironde capital will send a team to the championship final.

"I've always said it, my dream is to be able to touch the Shield of Brennus one day", said Laurent ten years ago Marti, president of UBB, fruit of a successful union between Bègles-Bordeaux and Stade Bordelais in the mid-2000s.

He will have waited 13 years and the rise to the Top 14 to see his club get closer to this legendary and envied piece of woods; and it will be against the Toulouse ogre, an institution which has already won 22 titles and whose colors he wore when he was a junior, its economic and sporting model.

The weather did not favor the game

Due to their inexperience, their UBB will be considered outsiders, three years after having already come up against Ugo Mola's team in the semi-final during a sinister behind closed doors in Lille. To get rid of Stade Français who had beaten them twice during the regular phase, Yannick Bru's players, also impatient to fight his former stronghold, had to deal with the humidity, curbing the flights of fancy that are their strength.

In this weather, mauls were the number 1 option and both teams used them with five tries scored in this way. The first two came together with Maxime Lamothe at the conclusion (17th, 21st) to launch his team (17-3), the Parisians reacted after half an hour of play with Romain Briatte as the final perforator, then the substitute hooker from Stade Lucas Peyresblanques (62nd). The purists appreciated it.

To see a little madness in this part marked by the bankruptcy of the UBB in touch, the conquering melee of the Pink Soldiers but also their too many blunders in contact, we had to wait for the second act and the first real restart Unionists who hit the mark 80 meters away.

The corner transformation missed by Segonds

At the start, the legs of fire from the three quarters, with an acceleration from Louis Bielle-Biarrey, before the game rebounds towards Damian Penaud for a winning service to Pierre Bochaton, already author of the victory try at the end of March in this same stadium against Toulouse. Like a symbol.

The end of the match, which began with a seven-point advantage in favor of Bordeaux, saw Laurent Labit's men throw their very last strength into a battle for the lead. equalization. Scrums, touches, mauls: their conquest, superior, did the job but Peyresblanques was only able to double his test capital in the corner (80+5), complicating the touch of his scorer.

Unhappy with a drop and already a transformation each time on the post, Joris Segonds for his last before heading to Bayonne, missed the last kick of the season in the jubilation of&# 39;a Matmut to the angels to celebrate their heroes.

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