Video. Transports Brel, a family business that has been running for 90 years in Montpellier

Video. Transports Brel, a family business that has been running for 90 years in Montpellier

The road freight transport company is celebrating its 90th anniversary, with new additions to the team. Victor Brel and Apolline Brel, 25 and 23 years old, joined the family company.

An emblematic Montpellier company, Transports Brel has just celebrated its 90th anniversary. Founded in 1934 by three brothers, Louis, René and Pierre Brel, it is one of the oldest transport companies in France.

Located on avenue Etienne Mehul in Montpellier, near the La Croix d’Argent district, Transports Brel is quickly making a name for itself by actively participating in the transformation of the city. In 1989, the company moved, among other things, the statue of the Three Graces, symbol of the Place de la Comédie. More recently, it removes the rails from the TAM network and transports trees for urban development. The main activity remains exceptional convoys throughout the Mediterranean basin.

A local and family business

Since its creation, the company has always remained in the hands of the family. Led by Honoré Brel since 1990, the team of 40 people is growing. His children, Victor and Apolline Brel, 25 and 23 years old, have just joined the company.

In his office, Victor Brel proudly displays the huge sepia photo of his three great-grandfathers. " We are the fourth generation. It’is important for me to perpetuate the family tradition", supports the young man, black t-shirt flocked with the company logo on the back.< /p>

Video. Transports Brel, a family business that has been running for 90 years in Montpellier

Louis, René and Pierre Brel founded the transport company in 1934. Transport Brel

Joining the company was obvious for the brother and sister, whose childhood was rocked by the sounds of horns and engines. "It's natural for us to continue working in this universe", confides Apolline, all smiles.

"Working as a family is a strength"

After studying management, Victor Brel took charge of the commercial side of the company. "When we think of road transport, we have the image of the gruff trucker behind the wheel. But there is also a whole IT part !", he adds. His sister, who holds a BTS in transport and logistics, is responsible for planning operations and chartering. "We have very complementary profiles. Working as a family is a strength", assures the eldest.

Brother and sister take on more and more responsibilities within the company. With an increased interest in ecology. "It's important to evolve with the times, assures Victor Brel. To display the Crit’Air 1 sticker, we passed part of our thirty vehicles to Colza".

In the neighboring offices, their parents are keeping watch. Their mother, Philomène, is still responsible for administration, social and general services while their father remains a manager. "They trust us. Ultimately, the idea would be to resume the’ company", specifies Victor Brel.

The young man, however, remains cautious. "We are passionate, but we are aware of the scale of the task. My sister and I are taking the time to think, he explains.  Until the end, Transports Brel remains a family affair. "In any case, we will not take one without the other".

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