[VIDEO] Travis Kelce makes one of the worst ceremonial throws in history

[VIDÉO] Travis Kelce makes one of the worst formal throws in history


Football player Travis Kelce made one of the worst ceremonial pitches in major league baseball history Friday in Cleveland. Fortunately for his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, the 33-year-old athlete does not play as a quarterback.

The talkative tight end, who won the Super Bowl earlier this year, was the guest of the Guardians to start their series against the Seattle Mariners. Kelce, a native of Ohio, however, came close to beheading star pitcher Shane Bieber.

Beginning his preparation like a true major league gunner, the footballer dropped the ball much too late, so well that she crashed to the ground before making a rebound that took Bieber by surprise. The improvised receiver and the big pink mascot behind him showed very good reflexes to avoid the projectile.

Kelce, meanwhile, rushed to the plate to apologize. It has to be said that his throw felt more like a touchdown celebration than anything else.