[VIDEO] Unruly passenger gets arrested after punching flight attendant

[VIDÉO] Unruly Passenger Gets Arrested After Kicking ; a flight attendant


A passenger on an American Airlines flight was arrested after punching a flight attendant.

The incident happened in mid-flight towards Los Angeles, it was another passenger who filmed the scene. 

 Other passengers on the flight restrained the man with tie wraps while they waited for the FBI to arrive on board . 

Federal investigators report the argument began when the 33-year-old allegedly loitered near the first class cabin and then sat down in an unoccupied aisle.

A flight attendant then allegedly asked him to return to his assigned seat.

The offender allegedly attempted to hit the flight attendant, but missed. It was when the latter turned around to report the offender to the captain that the passenger again swung his fist, hitting the officer behind the head. 

This passenger is now doing facing multiple federal charges.