VIDEO. “We were trapped like a team of beginners”, “I'm going to have two or three difficult days”… reactions after MHB – PSG

VIDEO. "We were trapped like a team of beginners", "I'm going to have two or three difficult days"... reactions after MHB - PSG

Valentin Porte and the Montpellier residents did not manage to escape the trap set by PSG. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

MHB missed a great opportunity to beat PSG and qualify for the Coupe de France final, Wednesday March 20 at the Sud de France Arena. Beaten by the Parisians (32-35), Patrice Canayer was very annoyed by the way his players approached the meeting. 


Patrice Canayer, MHB coach: "I said a few days ago that I hated lose, so I'm going to have two or three difficult days. We were trapped like a team of beginners. It's a bit painful after the break periods because I have the impression that we're going backwards and that we have to climb the mountain again. We were fooled by seeing the team fielded by PSG during the day and I am frustrated to have fallen into this trap. The problem was in the head, we saw it in the first quarter of an hour, we lost balls, we made bad changes…

We went from a match where we were outsiders during the draw, to overwhelming favorites when the PSG team was announced. Not for lack of warning, it’s distressing to fall into this. We cannot say that we are always a young team with no experience because that is not true. I saw it coming big and I quickly understood it at noon with these announcements of injured people, even if I tried to warn about what was going to happen during the pre-match chat.

PSG put itself in the shoes of an outsider, with players who wanted to prove. On one side there is a team that mobilized 250% and on the other a tense team thinking that the thing was going to fall on its own. It’s a defeat that hurts, I quickly understood that it was going to be a difficult match.


Raul Gonzalez, PSG coach: "We played very well and did the necessary preparation against a team who is very well trained by Patrice. We had to put in a lot of ingredients, especially in positional attack. I am very proud and very happy to be able to play in the final."

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