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Video with a gun: no charges against NBA star Ja Morant

Video with a gun: no charges against the star of the NBA Ja Morant


The Glendale, Colorado Police Department has closed an investigation into Memphis Grizzlies star player Ja Morant.

Authorities were trying to determine if they could bring charges against the 23-year-old athlete in connection with a live video broadcast he made on his Instagram account last Saturday. At one point, onlookers could see Morant holding a gun.

Three days later, officers announced they were investigating the player's actions. In a statement released on Wednesday, they explained that there was “insufficient evidence available to charge anyone with a crime.”

At this time, Morant is being held off his team because of this prank. He missed his last two games, which they lost. The ESPN network has learned that the club intends to let him still “reflect” for four other games.

Also remember that the NBA has opened an investigation into this affair. The Tour may decide to suspend Morant even though he won't face criminal charges.

Morant is having a strong fourth career season on the Silver Tour. He ranks sixth in the league in points per game (27.1) and fifth in assists per game (8.2).

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